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In 1977, for the first time, I meet the world of photography. I was lucky enough to meet delightful people gifted with an unparalleled simplicity such as Jacques Henri Lartigue, Helmut Newton and many others. I was just 17 years old when I met Helmut Newton and at that time I ignored he was an internationally renowned artist. I delivered each week to his home, close to the Parc du Luxembourg, the prints of the lab I worked for.

In this apartment in the Rue de l'Abbé-de-l'épée, immortalized in many photographs, I had the chance to observe him at work while I drank the tea offered. I saw there parading magnificent creatures, and I discovered much later all of his work. I headed back home, saying "this is what I want to do .... "

From being a simple delivery guy, I moved to the development of photos and later to the edition under the thumb of Jules Steinmetz, "master" of the edition. Then I found myself behind the camera with the desire to express my personal touch, and it led me to this book.

I do not pretend to compare myself to these great artists, it's just the desire to look back in the mirror and see that our fate is made of encounters that influence our choices.






Paris Libertin by Ressan

240 pages 30x30 format, hardcover

"Beyond fantasies, clichés, parodies, everything you could imagine libertinage, Ressan invites you to a journey into the intimate exploration of the most casual sexuality. It's by forging links over the last three years with hundreds of couples that he was able to freely capture their image with generosity, revealing under its lens their extremely diverse and often 'off-track' universe. "



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