Ressan Volume.2 : 196 pages of intimate 30x30 superb book

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Ressan Volume.2


 240 pages en format 30x30, couverture rigide.
Flip though a few pages of the book "RESSAN Volume.2 "
196 pages in 30x30 format , hardcover.

Ressan volume.2 is a life, a love, a sublime and arrogant ode.

When the reader hangs out with Ressan secund book, he discovers page after page, the power of the body in desire. But that's first of all the body aesthetic in its truest reality that is suggested. The work offers an artistic photo-reporting to the eye of the audience. It is even possible to assert that it is a poetic documentary, the poetry of Ressan is to surprise us. The unexpected discoveries are strong and original.

Each photography is a revealed mystery without being disclosed. The book pushes the boundaries of ambiguity and by doing so fascinates. Ressan signatures are hypnotic. Ressan fans come from all over the world and they exchange a geographic travel for a visual journey. They read from cover to cover the books volume 1 and 2, being restless and wondering which new discovery they will find. The generosity of Ressan is to reveal his talent even his genius, in libertinism.

The photographer deals with taboos with delightness even obviousness. Each picture is a calling to go further, to overcome ourselves, to push to the end our fears. One doesn't look away from Ressan photography, one twits its sexual fantasies obstacles. The craziest dreams, the most impossible desires become alive. They are embodied, they become reachable. To contemplate this body made of flesh in its wildness is the magnificent beauty of this book.

Kuy Delair

 240 pages en format 30x30, couverture rigide.

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